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I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a child my older sister and I spent three summers visiting my aunt in Washington, D.C. Aunt Mary let us choose which museum we would like to visit while she was at work. Many days we chose the National Gallery of Art. The National Gallery is where I began my appreciation of art.

My parents were very supportive of my interest and I spent most of my childhood and teen years taking private lessons and painting. When it came time to go to college, I chose the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. My work there centered on graphic design. After graduation I moved to Houston, Texas and began to work in the field of visual communication. I continued to paint to fulfill my desire for self-expression.

I like to investigate the sense of emotions that can be tapped with the use of color. Abstract art is the perfect outlet for this and it is the place where my imagination is released. However, the style that is most dear to my heart is Impressionism. I like to work in oils, capturing the play of light, tone, color and atmosphere rather than details.

Seeing the beauty in nature, I make a sketch of the scene, along with notes about what it is that attracted me to the spot. I take a photograph and finish the painting in my studio at home.

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